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"It will never happen to us" …. we hear this all to often, but what if it does?

Does your business have the financial stability to survive a data breach or cyber-attack?

In this computer, digital, technology age, Cyber Insurance should be essential for most if not all kinds of businesses. With the global average cost of a data breach increasing to £3 Million last year and human error being responsible for the majority of cases, Cyber Insurance is becoming ever more important.

Unfortunately, negligence continues to be the most common cause of data loss with employees losing devices containing confidential information.

25% of UK businesses allow their staff to use their own devices with more businesses allowing their staff to take home company devices such as laptops and mobile phones. With facts like these, having cyber insurance should be an important consideration. Regrettably, malicious cyber-attacks are the costliest form of data breach and even with the most robust information security it’s never failsafe. Businesses should not rely on this alone and should invest in Cyber Insurance. Cyber-attacks will sadly continue, but with the correct precautions in place there are less reasons why these incidents should jeopardise your business and livelihood.

The good news is the Cyber Insurance market has grown considerably over the past years with premiums becoming more competitive.

If you don’t have Cyber Insurance already please do give us a call or send us an email, our team have unparalleled insurance know how and skill in providing the right to cover to suit your business needs.

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