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Not to be missed! It’s coming around to the time when most employers have now experienced their first re-enrolment, some may even be on to their second one.

Auto Enrolment - The Next Chapter

Before auto enrolment, having a company pension scheme was much easier. You would set it up whenever you wanted, pick your own level of contributions and there were no obligations to work out every month if any employees had hit an earnings trigger or reached a certain age.

I understand why so many employers sought assistance as they approached their staging date. Small business owners just didn’t have the time to trawl through pages and pages of guidance to ensure they were compliant with the new rules. Many paid for one off assistance to get them through auto enrolment, but that wasn’t the end. The need for outside help is sure to continue with the ongoing requirements of re-enrolment.

It’s coming around to the time when most employers have now experienced their first re-enrolment, some may even be on to their second one. It’s effectively just auto-enrolment again but you already have a scheme set up and the majority of your staff are already in it. However, along with the reasonably simple task of adding someone in to a pension scheme, there are also all of the compliance requirements, which may have been dealt with by someone else the first-time round. Notifying your employees that they’re being put back in to the pension scheme seems pretty straight forward, but making sure it says the right things and is delivered to them in the right timeframe may not be so simple. You also have to declare to The Pensions Regulator that you’re compliant and renew documents such as your Self Certification.


The most recent quarterly enforcement bulletin published by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) shows that the use of enforcement powers has increased 42% on the previous quarter*. Even the FCA has recently received a fine from The Pensions Regulator (albeit not for auto enrolment, but it was for inadequate pension compliance). With no signs of their enforcement slowing down, it is clear that TPR is going to be continuously ensuring employers are complying with the rules. If you don’t have an ongoing relationship with a professional adviser who can assist you with your ongoing duties, it might be a good time to reconnect with an adviser who has helped you in the past, or even find a new one!

As an experienced corporate financial adviser, Woodward Markwell have been setting up and running pension schemes for years. Not only can we assist employers with their legal obligations, we can also assist with helping to continuously review the standards of your pension scheme and we can provide support to your employees with managing their own pension.

Micky Lawton - Independent Financial Adviser


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*Sources available upon request.