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With a continuously moving/evolving plethora of information available, we would like to provide you with some up to date insurance advice and guidance to help clear the fog.

3rd June 2020

A Updated Message from Managing Director - David McGowan

"I hope this email finds you well and I hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well. As ever with this pandemic situation we all find ourselves in, the information being provided is continuously evolving and moving. I have therefore tried to give some up to date advice for our insurance customers and potential customers to give help and guidance from an insurance point of view".

David McGowan

Insurance Updates

Business Interruption Claims Update

I have discussed this subject many times as this is a hot topic for the insurance industry. The situation continues to evolve and I therefore have further updates for yourselves.

I would reiterate that the majority of Insurance policies do not cover Business Interruption following the Covid-19 Pandemic. In order to provide cover for this type of eventuality you would be looking at premiums that start at £100,000 for the basic pandemic cover.

However by accident, mistake or poor wording of policies Insurers may have some exposure to this pandemic in respect of claims for business interruption insurance. As this was not the intention of the policies to cover this insurers have resisted in accepting claims which has lead to a lot of policyholder unhappiness and the formation of action groups against insurers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has therefore stepped in to try and solve the situation via the courts with test cases. The procedure is about to begin, insurers have been chosen and dates set so we wait to see what the outcomes are, however this is a complicated process and discussion and will take some time. 

Here are some handy updates and information from the FCA:-

Business interruption insurance - information for firms

Update on FCA test case of the validity of business interruption claims 

As always, if you wish us to lodge a claim on your behalf or if you want to discuss your situation with us please do not hesitate to contact either myself or your Woodward Markwell representative.

Returning to the Workplace

As we all start return to work over the next few weeks (in some guise) we will be concerned with how this is managed, please refer to my previous email where lots of guidance and information was attached (click here to view). Also included is a checklist which you may want to have a look at.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) - With the return of employees to the work place there is also the threat of employees being infected with Covid-19. As with all injuries, deaths and diseases need to be reported to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) within 10 days of the occurrence. What may not be clear to employers is how this applies to Covid-19.

Willis Towers Watson Networks (of which we are members) has put out a very informative article on this subject and gives good examples as to what would be construed as a RIDDOR event and what would not, however if in doubt please contact the HSE for their advice - Click here to view

For some really useful resources in preparation for returning to work (including checklists and handy templates) please click here.


As we return to work and with our businesses being financially impacted by the pandemic, thoughts will now turn to the long term viability of your businesses. With staff having being furloughed over the down period your thoughts may turn to the consideration of making staff redundant. Whilst we cannot advise you on this situation, we would remind you of the complex rules, pitfalls and guidelines behind making staff redundant which have been further increased in this period.

All I would ask is that you seek advice before making any decision. If you have a Legal Expenses policy or Directors & Officers Policy with employment practices cover, please speak to them first before any moves are undertaken, as if you don’t any further advice or cover may be invalidated.  If you have the luxury of a employment solicitor on a retainer again please speak to them before making any decisions.   

Further Information
As we mentioned earlier, as we are in a rapidly changing climate therefore we will continue to provide regular updates and advice over the coming weeks. If you wish Woodward Markwell to check your policy wording or to make a claim please do not hesitate to contact us or your Account Executive.

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As we mentioned earlier, as we are in a rapidly changing climate therefore we will continue to provide regular updates and advice over the coming weeks.

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