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The importance of planning for the future and having your affairs in order.

Nov/Dec 2020 

Welcome to our Guide to Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has served as a reminder of the importance of planning for the future and having your affairs in order. When you’ve worked hard and invested carefully to build your wealth, you want to look after it. That’s why it’s important to plan for your wealth preservation and the eventual transfer of that wealth.

Have you considered this question: ‘What will happen to my estate when I’ve gone?’ 

Wealth preservation and wealth transfer are becoming an increasingly important issue for many families today. Individuals with assets of any size should seek professional financial advice to consider what action may need to be taken before it’s too late.

The reality is, most of us should prepare for the eventual transfer of our assets, regardless of any tax or legal consequences. It is natural that many of us want to leave our wealth to those who matter the most. Having a well-managed estate can save time and legal costs in the long term, help avoid a large Inheritance Tax bill, and cushion the blow for those you leave behind.

It’s important to start with a clear picture of your goals. You may want your estate to provide ongoing income and security for dependents, to make bequests or to set up Trusts. Everyone’s circumstances are different – planning can look at tax-efficiency and maintaining access to income and capital.

Whatever stage of life you’re at, we can guide you through the opportunities and challenges you may face. We hope you enjoy this issue, and wish you pleasant reading. To read (or to download) the guide please click here

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