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March 2021

Important Insurance Updates March 2021 - Covid Business Interruption Claims

Apologies for the length of time since my last email however I have a further update in respect of the Covid-19 Business Interruption claims

Insurers and legal experts have now had a chance to assess the Supreme Court decision and we are now seeing insurers beginning to respond. If you have put in a claim then you should have received a communication from either the insurers or from ourselves, if this is not the case then please let me or your Account Executive know. There have been some correspondence to the supreme court on declarations and we are still awaiting their response to this. A full back ground on all the elements of the whole Covid-19 claims issue can be found on the link below. This includes a time line and also guides to how to navigate the process so is worth looking into.

The whole process has been very complicated especially following the court proceedings, with hundreds of pages of legal text giving opinion and rulings which is probably impossible for any non-legal person to  understand. As ever I would advise if you are unsure whether you should or can claim please contact us as soon as possible as we don’t want any client to fall foul of a late notification issue.

One of the very clever tools that the FCA have provided and of which I advised in my last email is a step by step question process which should give you a good indication if you have the potential for a valid claim. Please click on the following link to go through this process

The FCA are now taking a back step away from the process whilst the insurers and clients discuss claims received however they will be keeping a close eye on everything so any further updates will be communicated by ourselves. However please see the attached link in respect of the FCA’s final guidance

For a round up pf the whole situation please click on the link

If you have any questions or queries, if you are concerned about your claim or whether you should or can claim, please contact us immediately. We are more than happy to help and we are keen to manage expectations so expect a swift and honest response from ourselves.

Kind Regards

David McGowan (Managing Director )


I hope you find these emails interesting and informative, please let me know if you have anything you want me to discuss or advise about for future updates. There are loads of items that I have to talk about next year but I don’t want to bombard you with too much information. 

You will find a link to all of our previous newsletter updates below. I would like reiterate again that you need to contact us if you are unsure about whether to claim or not, whether you can claim or the likelihood of success.

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