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Heading up a company is not easy. Directors are governed by a plethora of laws and regulations threatening financial exposure and personal sanctions should any breach occur.

April 2018

New legislation is on the horizon, to add to the corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene legislation that can already fine directors, or mete out a prison sentence as a result of penalty increases in 2016. Those at the helm of their businesses need insurance protection more than ever before.

Currently, the highest-profile impending legislation is undoubtedly GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), set to be introduced in May 2018 and capable of quickly catching out negligent directors. This alone is a good example of why D&O (Directors and Officers) insurance is essential, to be protected when claims need defending and to have expert help, plus financial backing in presenting a defence.

Sometimes, directors mistakenly believe their company’s liability insurance policies provide protection. Others do not realise they could be held personally liable for a misdemeanour or crime and lose personal assets if found guilty. Some rely on the company being able to indemnify them when in many cases it cannot.

D&O insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, despite the variety and breadth of legislation it covers. With GDPR on the horizon, creating yet further regulation for directors to comply with, this is an area of protection to consider sooner rather than later. To discuss your D&O insurance requirements, please contact us.

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